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Owner/Creative Director

Since 1998, Harris has stayed on the cutting edge of web design and expression. When not making sites for other people, he runs five websites, has a 9-5 job, practices photography, trains and tutors people, and plays tennis. Don’t worry, he enjoys wearing many hats. He would love to work on your project and give you a well-made site.

Harris has a BS from Cornell University.
Favorite Animal: Penguin

Liz1 About uncategorized Elizabeth P.

After designing websites for hobby throughout childhood, Elizabeth ventured into the structured world of higher education in search of understanding the vast concepts involved in the world of web. After satisfying her thirst for knowledge, she branched into the professional world of web design.

Elizabeth has a BBA from CUNY Baruch – Zicklin School of Business.
Favorite Animal: Panda

I've worked with a wide variety of web designers, outsourced developers, and agencies, and I put Harris at the top of my list to call.

He's done a couple projects for me in the past each requiring very different aesthetics and user experience and each time he's delivered great work.

If you're looking to get up a sharp, slick blog or website, I'd definitely recommend him.

Greg Neichin, VP- Research & Advisory, Cleantech Group